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Versalite – Portable LED Emergency Lighting Fixture

Versalite® It is used to illuminate closed areas on the ground at power interruptions, fixed or mobile. It is easy to carry, long corridors or wide areas, suitable for use with 2x articulated and spot-type LED lighting structure and can be directed 360 °. It is very easy to install with built-in power socket and fixed hanging tabs on the body. The status of the network shows the status of occupancy due to the charging of the battery.

The product has a charger circuit and is charged when the battery block is fully charged, the battery is kept in constant charge state, thus allowing longer life.

The battery lasts 24 hours, has a total consumption of 1×4 and 2x4w, has a SMD 2854 Power led module and a transparent polycarbonate diffuser which provides focus light.

When the mains voltage drops below 150AC / V, it switches from battery to use mode, it is resistant to voltages or voltages rising or fluctuating up to 285AC / V, 185AC / V is charging with voltage, it is automatically disconnected when charging is fully charged.

  • Product Code :
  • 80-80300
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • Power: 2x4 watts
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Type of work:
  • Charging time: 24 hours (first time installation)
  • Kit: 1-3 hours (optional)

Materials / Coatings

  • Body: DKP sheet
  • Coating: electrostatic powder paint

Installation Details

  • Mounting type: Wall-to-wall mounting

Electrical Equipment

  • Operating voltage: 150 ~ 285AC / V 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Light Source: SMD 2854 Power LED on AL PCB
  • Battery-battery: NiCD
  • Charging start voltage: 185AC / V
  • Interruption activation voltage: 150AC / V

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LIght Curves and GraphIcs Versalite – Portable LED Emergency Lighting Fixture


Product CodeBurn ConditionPower (W)Burning Time (hr)Weight (Kg)
80-80200-H1Sustained1x4 watt1 3,3 kg
Sustained1x4 watt23,7 kg
Sustained1x4 watt33,9 kg
Sustained2x4 watt13,3 kg
Sustained2x4 watt23,7 kg
Sustained2x4 watt33,9 kg

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