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T8 LED Tube

KARMA – STD T8 LED TUBE® We produce the latest technology in lighting in accordance with traditional fluorescent bulb measurements and standards. The new technology LED version, which is more efficient than the Fluorescent T8 tubes, offers lossless light as well as savings with the promise of long life.

Provides targeted light distribution with linear illumination. The size of the T8 fluorescent type bulbs stays true to the standards and is produced compact without the need for drivers like ballast.

Anodized aluminum body structure and Polycarbonate diffuser lens filters UV rays, provides unbreakable, fade-free, long lasting and efficient use Compatible with LM79 / LM80 / TM21 stands.
The built-in LED driver in the body does not need any power source with the driver, as it can be used directly with the mains voltage; it can be used after the magnetic ballast in the classical lighting (see operating manual).

Integrated up to 1-3 hours with emergency kit option; Can be used in any armature construction.
It offers a saving of 50% + compared to traditional fluorescents with a luminous efficiency of 130lm / w. It has a large voltage range that is not affected by network fluctuations.

  • Product Code :
  • 05-5110
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • LED output: 130lm / w (nominal)
  • Lamp efficiency: 127wlm / w
  • Light Angle: 120 degrees
  • Protection class: IP20
  • CCT / KELVIN: 3000 & lt; 6000
  • THD: & lt; 15%

Materials / Coatings

  • Diffuser: Opal polycarbonate (PC) Frost finish, No-UV (stabilized UV filter)
  • Body: Aluminum extrusion profile
  • Coating: Anodic

Installation Details

  • Mounting type: G13
  • Energy input: Optional from two ends or One-end (N-L) No grounding required

Electrical Equipment

  • Light Source: SMD 2835 LED Aluminum on MKw3 PCB
  • Automation: It can be controlled by armature structure by entering the mains.
  • DALI - DIMM: not applicable.
  • Emergency lighting Kit: compact in body (optional)

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LIght Curves and GraphIcs T8 LED Tube
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We provide brightness (IES) curves for each luminaire on our website.
The light curves graphically show how the light is spread to the field.
The light source is located at the center of the system (that is, at the pole of the graph).
When the armature assembly is symmetrical about the vertical axis (circle, square), we only construct a density distribution curve in a vertical plane.
My status is red. If the assembly of the lamp is not symmetrical, we add a blue curve to the graph.
The blue curve shows how the light source shines with 90 degrees of movement against the first position.
When measuring the armature in the welding axis, we measure the C90-C270 plane, while measuring the light axis perpendicularly measure the C0-C180 plane.

T8 LED Tube
  • The given brightness values are measured with a goniophotometer.
  • KARMA laboratory (in comparison with accredited institutions)
  • We measure our armatures by ourselves and record the output of the light.
  • So you can be sure that the armature is illuminated as shown.


T8 LED TubeT8 LED TubeT8 LED TubeT8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube


Product CodePower (W)Input VoltageDimensions (mm)Light Intensity (Lm)Power Factor
05-511010180-240 V/AC6001300 Lm0,9280G13
05-511519180-240 V/AC12002470 Lm0,9280G13
05-511919180-240 V/AC15002470 Lm0,9280G13
05-511824180-240 V/AC15002880 Lm0,9280G13
27180-240 V/AC15003510 Lm0,9280G13

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