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T5 LED Tube – RetroFit / InstantFit / Directfit

KARMA – We designed the T5 Retrofit® LED TUB for the rapid conversion of luminaires produced with conventional fluorescent tube bulbs. Compatible with a wide range of common electronic ballast types (see Compatible ballast list)

For low-cost conversion solutions, it provides easy conversion by simply replacing the luminaire and replacing the LED tube without replacing the luminaire and without any intervention.

The glass tube can be covered with PVC film and used safely in areas such as food compartments. Retrofit T5 LED Tube, fully manufactured in standard of fluorescent tube; It filters UV rays, provides long-lasting and efficient usage.

A built-in LED (Driver) converter in the housing converts the EVG (Electronic ballast) voltage to drive the LEDs to operate.

  • Product Code :
  • 05-5200
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • LED output: 120lm / w (nominal)
  • Lamp efficiency: 115lm / w
  • Light Angle: 340 degrees
  • Protection class: IP20
  • CCT / KELVIN: 3000 & lt; 6000
  • THD: & lt; 15%
  • PF: 0.87
  • Compliance: 14-35 watts, 28-54 watts & amp; 49watt

Materials / Coatings

  • Diffuser: PVC protective film
  • Body: Glass

Installation Details

  • Mounting type: G15 Headphone
  • Energy input: Electronic Ballast standard connection type (two ends)

Electrical Equipment

  • Light Source: SMD 2835 LED, Aluminum on MKw3 PCB
  • Automation: It can be controlled by armature structure by entering the mains.
  • DALI - DIMM: not applicable.

Product Tags

Product CodePower (W)Compatible BallastDimensions (mm) ~LLight Intensity (Lm)Light Color (K)CRISocket
05-7008814-35watt QT HF550960Lm3000-6000K80G5
05-70151914-35watt QT14752300Lm3000-6000K80G5
05-70252549watt QT HF14503100Lm3000-6000K80G5
05-70343080watt QTI HE14503640Lm3000-6000K82G5

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