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Quo – LED TrackLight

Quo® LED TrackLight offers a flexible body structure with 355 ° circumferential rotation and 90 ° inclined movement, excellent heat dissipation with extremely sophisticated, timeless decorative structural design and aesthetics, offering freedom to light in spaces.

Whether a Donwlight luminaire view or a versatile TrackLight.

It provides focus lighting for objects such as shops or at a point of sale. In places like home and office, whether a table lighting or a vase or a plant, the usage area is almost unlimited.

With its unique, unique design lens, it does not threaten the eye health, distributes light effectively and homogeneously, and creates a natural daylight effect with high color return efficiency (CRI \ Ra).

  • Product Code :
  • 45-45040
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • LED Light Source: COB LED
  • Input Power: 25Watt
  • CCT / KEVIN: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
  • IES NEMA Type: 3H x 3V
  • Total rating of league: 1273 lm
  • Measuring Flux: 1273 lm
  • Efficiency: 100%
  • Field Lumen: 752 lm
  • Field Yield: 59.10%
  • Area Angle: H33.7, V35.1
  • Beam Angle: H17.0, V16.9
  • Luminaire Activity Values (LER): 57.76
  • Central Density: 6125 cd / klm
  • Max. Density: 6198 cd / klm
  • Max. Density: H0 V1

Materials / Coatings

  • Body: Aluminum
  • Protection Class: IP20

Installation Details

  • Mounting Surface: Surface Mounted / Global Rail
  • Rail Type / Socket Type: Three Phase / Single Phase (Optional)
  • Color: Matte Black / Matte White / Silver / Gold

Electrical Equipment

  • Driver: Built-in LED driver
  • Operating Voltage: 180 ~ 240V / AC
  • Sensor-Automation: Not Applicable

LIght Curves and GraphIcs Quo – LED TrackLight
More InformatIon

Check the details that explain what you can do with this data.


Quo - LED TrackLight LIGHT CURVE

We provide brightness (IES) curves for each luminaire on our website.
The light curves graphically show how the light is spread to the field.
The light source is located at the center of the system (that is, at the pole of the graph).
When the armature assembly is symmetrical about the vertical axis (circle, square), we only construct a density distribution curve in a vertical plane.
My status is red. If the assembly of the lamp is not symmetrical, we add a blue curve to the graph.
The blue curve shows how the light source shines with 90 degrees of movement against the first position.
When measuring the armature in the welding axis, we measure the C90-C270 plane, while measuring the light axis perpendicularly measure the C0-C180 plane.

Quo – LED TrackLight
  • The given brightness values are measured with a goniophotometer.
  • KARMA laboratory (in comparison with accredited institutions)
  • we measure our armatures by ourselves and record the output of the light.
  • So you can be sure that the armature is illuminated as shown.


Quo – LED TrackLight
Quo – LED TrackLight


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