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LUCERNA – Pendant Lamp

LUCERNA® pendant lighting has a contemporary design, contrary to the boring large luminaires, which is suitable for the design of contemporary spaces. With a minimalist line, the E27 standard florescent or LED bulbs are easily applied to the body.

The ultralight beam from the unlimited height can be hanged with the cable that can only be produced in the desired length without the need for additional slinging equipment. Functionality and modern design, the LUCERNA pendant lighting fixture can be produced with any RAL color for decoration compatibility other than the standard black and white body colors. The cable color option is available for those who want to contrast. It can be used as exhibition lighting with bulbs that can be used up to 60 watts in the illumination of the products displayed in shops and markets and in stores and markets.

In addition, it does not require any maintenance, and every piece in the luminaire is made of high-quality materials, components and parts so that the applied space will last for many years. The ability to coat the inside and outside with electrostatic powder paint in different colors makes the LUCERNA model armature a decorative choice for architects who do not know boundaries.

  • Product Code :
  • 50-50100
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • Power: 1x 60watt (max) LED or Fluorescent light bulb
  • Protection class: IP20

Materials / Coatings

  • Body: DKP sheet
  • Coating: electrostatic powder paint

Installation Details

  • Mounting type: Surface mounted - Suspension light

Electrical Equipment

  • Bulb-Lamp: E27 type

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