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LEDMAX – LED Lighting Fittings

LEDMAX® It is made of extruded aluminum profile for decorative lighting purpose, it is suitable for illuminating architectural lighting and office space thanks to its wide light angle.

We enable control of light intensity when a DIMM-capable drive is used, we produce in 3000,4000,6500 Kelvin or RGB light tones and specified body colors.

It can be used symmetrically or asymmetrically with hanging apparatuses (TİJ) as stalactite lighting, or it can be added end to end in a linear structure with ceiling-wall mounting on wall surface.

Due to its diffuser structure, it has a wide light angle, with optional LED module and Strip LED in the direction of preference. Standard measurement 50cm, 1mt. 1.5mt. and 6mT. We can produce as a single piece on request.

  • Product Code :
  • 35-35500
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas

Materials / Coatings

  • Diffuser: Opal (milk white) - Clear Acrylic PMMA - Polycarbonate PC
  • Body: Aluminum extrusion Profile
  • Cover: Aluminum
  • Coating: Anodized (standard) RAL 9016, RAL 9005

Installation Details

  • Mounting Surface: Surface Mounted, Pendant lighting
  • Mounting Type: Pendant lighting with TİJ in stainless steel, Aluminum Ceiling connection clip
  • Driver: Group driver or independent LED Driver (External), Internal LED driver

Electrical Equipment

  • Light Source: SMD 2835 LED, Multi-chip Ribbon LED (Optional)
  • PCB: Aluminum LED module, FR4 or Ribbon LED application
  • Automation: The mains can be controlled by the input panel or external control modules.
  • DALI - DIMM: applicable (with Driver Option)
  • Drive Brand: Tridonic, Philips, Osram, MeanWell
  • LED Marks: Tridonic, Cree, Nichia, Osram, Epistar

LEDMAX – LED Lighting Fittings Accessories


Product CodePower (W)Dimensions (mm)Light Color (K)Light Flow (L)Weight (Kg)
35-3550025500x45x553000 - 6500 , RGB35000,6
35-35503351000x45x553000 - 6500 , RGB49000,9
35-35506421500x45x553000 - 6500 , RGB58001,4

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