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GRID PANEL – 60x60cm Recessed LED Panel

GRID PANEL® Flat Panel LED The latest in Panel type products offer much lower consumption compared to conventional 4x14W and 4x18W fluorescent luminaires used in lighting markets, health centers, shops, offices and public buildings, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and operating costs.

The power consumption counter provides an easily convertible conversion of light and price.

The linear and homogenous light is covered with DKP sheet metal electrostatic powder paint and parallel to the mounting surface with a frosted Opal diffuser, parallel to the suspended ceiling and plaster ceilings.

Our 60x60cm type surface mounted LED panel; yields up to 130 lumen / watt according to competitors in the market, has all the certificates for competitive and transformation projects.

The internal LED driver, which is not affected by voltage fluctuations, has a very long service life. Emergency kit up to 1-3 hours can be applied, backlight LED module, DIMM and DALI compatible Driver.

  • Product Code :
  • 25-26841
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • Power: 35 watts
  • LED output: 130lm / w (nominal)
  • Armature efficiency: 100wlm / w
  • Measured: L = 600 W = 600 H = 50 (60x60x5)
  • Weight: 3.0Kg.
  • Light Flow: 3500 Lumens / no-flicker (no-flicker)
  • Light Angle: 120 degrees
  • Lighting method: Backlight
  • Protection class: IP40

Materials / Coatings

  • Diffuser: Opal polycarbonate (PC) Frost finish, No-UV (stabilized UV filter)
  • Body: DKP stainless sheet
  • Coating: electrostatic powder paint

Installation Details

  • Mounting Surface: Under plaster
  • Driver: Internal LED Driver

Electrical Equipment

  • Light Source: SMD Power LED on FR4 PCB
  • DALI - DIMM: Optional with Diver option

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