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DEACO – Pendant Lighting Fixture

DEACO® pendant lighting has emerged with a minimalist turn into a stylish look of a flat metal sheet for modern spaces. A designer who combines some of the structural features of classical pendant lighting with a modern line; making this product both modular and functional.

A traditional standard for responding to the need for light in the lighting of the environment, the E27 can be used with a sealed, LED-powered bulb, a rustic classic bulb or a fluorescent light bulb.

Without the need for additional hanging equipment, it can be dulled with cable that can be produced in any length, it can be produced with RAL color that is compatible with decoration or wall coloring except standard black and white body colors.

Cable color option is available for those who want contrast. At any point of the house, in an office environment or on a dining table, maybe a club or bar is ambiance, up to 60 watts of power bulbs can be used.

It does not require any maintenance, it can be easily cleaned. Each piece in the luminaire is manufactured using high quality materials, components and parts. The possibility of coating the interior and exterior with different colors with electrostatic powder paint is produced with wide choice for architects with unlimited expectations and variants.

  • Product Code :
  • 50-50150
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • Power: 1x 60watt (max) LED or Fluorescent light bulb
  • Protection class: IP20

Materials / Coatings

  • Body: DKP sheet iron
  • Coating: electrostatic powder paint

Installation Details

  • Mounting type: Surface mounted - Suspension light

Electrical Equipment

  • Bulb-Lamp: E27 type

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