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30×120 Surface Mount LED Panel Fixture

GRID PANEL® LED The newest of panel-type products provides direct and symmetrical illumination.
It can be easily applied on a flat surface with surface mounting. Provides an easily convertible conversion possibility with consumption and price balance ..

The savings-oriented, linear, direct, symmetrical and focus light provide homogeneous and eye-sensitive illumination. The clean flat outer sheet frame was covered with electrostatic powder paint and was produced in a stylish look with a frosted Opal diffuser.

The 30×120 overhead LED panel, which is a point-to-point solution for professionals’ savings, provides up to 130 lumen / watt compared to traditional competitors.

The internal LED driver, which is not affected by voltage fluctuations, has a very long service life.

  • Product Code :
  • 25-25830
  • Body Colors :
ApplIcatIon Areas


  • Power: 40 watts
  • LED output: 130lm / w (nominal)
  • Armature efficiency: 100wlm / w
  • Measured: L = 300 W = 1200 H = 50 (30 x 120 x 5)
  • Weight: 3,7Kg.
  • Light Flow: 4400 Lumens / no-flicker
  • Light Angle: 120 degrees
  • Lighting method: Backlight
  • Protection class: IP40

Materials / Coatings

  • Diffuser: Opal polycarbonate (PC) Frost finish, No-UV (stabilized UV filter)
  • Body: DKP stainless sheet
  • Coating: electrostatic powder paint

Installation Details

  • Mounting Surface: Surface mounted
  • Driver: Internal LED Driver

Electrical Equipment

  • Light Source: SMD Power LED on FR4 PCB
  • Automation: The mains can be controlled by the input panel or external control modules.
  • DALI - DIMM: not applicable.

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