Türkçe Diline Geç
  • We are one of the Leading Firms in our field as KARMA LIGHTING to ensure that you are proud to live and to live in the future;
  • With the awareness that the industry has given us, we are using all kinds of technology in today’s conditions
  • To undertake the projects we undertake in time and in accordance with their projects.
  • Keep Customer satisfaction at the highest level.
  • To comply with statutory legislation and conditions without compromise.
  • To give maximum attention to continuous improvement.
  • Take all our employees’ ideas and participate in our projects to continuously raise the quality level.
  • To be conscious of the great trust we have in the institutions we do business with and to increase this capital day by day.
  • Adopting all employees as primary duty not to put their health, safety and security at their disposal with the help of necessary information and trainings.
  • Inclusion of a prevention culture by systematically making risk assessments of possible hazardous situations and behaviors within our activities.
  • In all our activities, we evaluate our recyclable wastes, reduce the use of limited natural resources, and prevent pollution from harmful wastes. not to negatively affect live life, to take necessary precautions to pollute the environment.
  • Ensure continuous improvement without compromising quality, OHS & Environmental Management Systems standards.
  • To be respectful to the people and to the environment, to accept our employees and clients as parental disobedience.
    Our Company’s Quality, OHS & Environmental Policy.